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Abhishek Bachchan’s Astrological Details

Posted On 7 Jun, 2011 में

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Celebrity Details – Abhishek Bachchan

Real Name : Abhishek Amitabh Sri

Nick Name : Abhishek Bachchan

Birth Date : 05 February 1976

Birth Place : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Astrology Profile of Abhishek Bachchan

Sun Sign : Aquarius

Symbol : The Water-bearer

Birth Number : 5

Ruling Planet : The Uranus

Chinese Sign : Dragon

Type : Air-Fixed-Positive

Surya Kundli – Abhishek Bachchan


Note : This is “Surya Kundli” based on the Sunrise time chart of the Celebrity’s Birth Location.

Yearly Report – Abhishek Bachchan

It is unmistakably the dawn of a new era in your life. The positive aurora woven around you brings in the necessary changes that you have been craving for, opines Ganesha. The voyage which you had chosen during the second half of the previous year may leave you spellbound as it offers you experiences which you will cherish for a life time. If single, you may encounter someone who may very well become a permanent part of your life. The sublimity of love will captivate your senses and you will be led to surrendering yourself to the cardinal principles of love. Your feelings for your beloved will be complemented satisfactorily. Sow the seeds of commitment and you will rediscover that ardent lover, doting parent, caring sibling in you and will enjoy every role that life asks you play. A magical spell of creativity will drive all the reticence away from within letting you express yourself and your innermost feelings to your loved one.

The positive aurora in the atmosphere elevates your energy levels this year. In fact, you will observe the sparks of innovative thinking and positive energy generating within, which will keep you alert and receptive to changes. You are able to convince others on the business plans with conviction and communication skills. Progress along the learning curve is a probable outcome bringing in prosperity and job satisfaction. With the cosmos in the best of its spirits and time, you will be leading by example and motivating people around. Radical changes are witnessed in your career as you will egg on to take the existing projects to the finishing line. Brimming with enthusiasm, you are all set to take the pole position and carve a niche for yourself in your professional life. Monetary affairs should be dealt with precaution. Your exceptional perspicacity, and perception of things around you and how you relate yourself to people around you are heightened this year.

Biorhythm Report – Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan


साभार: गणेशास्पीक्स डॉट कॉम




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