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Ranbir Kapoor's Astrological Details

Posted On: 7 Jun, 2011 में

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Celebrity Details – Ranbir Kapoor

Real Name : Ranbir Kapoor

Nick Name : Ranbir Kapoor

Birth Date : 28 September 1982

Birth Place : Mumbai, India

Astrology Profile of Ranbir Kapoor

Sun Sign : Libra

Symbol : The Scales

Birth Number : 28

Ruling Planet : Venus

Chinese Sign : Dog

Type : Air-Cardinal-Positive

Surya Kundli – Ranbir Kapoor

ranbirkapoor suryakundli

Note : This is “Surya Kundli” based on the Sunrise time chart of the Celebrity’s Birth Location.

Yearly Report – Ranbir Kapoor

A dutiful spouse, a loving parent, a caring sibling and an understanding friend ? all the multifarious roles you will don to win your family members’ affection. You will provide the necessary moral support to each and every member when in need. You will find yourself applying thought to all the practical issues of life. In addition, you will feel the importance of issues which you have been neglecting so far. You may learn the hard lessons that life teaches you, albeit, in a bitter way. An urge to get yourself involved in creative reconstruction will enable you channel your focus on areas of your interest. There will be an increase in your emotional quotient, opines Ganesha. Social gatherings will enable you interact with friends and acquaintances. You will also indulge in revelry and relish every aspect of life to the maximum. Family members and friends will fully endorse your ideas and will render their support. Moreover, you will be focusing on inner-growth and soul-searching often.

The undercurrents of creativity that the cosmos pumps in indeed provides wings to your imagination. You will put your creative acumen to use towards creating value for the organisation you work with. This will be an year of sheer hard work, commitment and dedication. You will be adeptly dealing with cumbersome and embarrassing situations with tact and diplomacy. Your trajectory along the learning curve is changing its direction to explore new possibilities. Chances of you receiving a promotion are high. A multitude of career opportunities will form a beeline. Further, your conflict management skills will be put to effective implementation as you may be called upon to adjudicate and mediate. New investments will bring in cumulative wealth gains thereby strengthening your investment portfolio. Windfall from an unexpected business trip is probable. Strong interpersonal skills and creative acumen enable people recognise your charisma.

Biorhythm Report – Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor

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