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Manna Dey’s Astrological Details

Posted On: 24 Aug, 2011 में

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Manna DeyCelebrity Details – Manna Dey

Real Name : Manna Dey

Nick Name : Manna Dey

Birth Date : 01 May 1920

Birth Place : India

Astrology Profile of Manna Dey

Sun Sign : Taurus

Symbol : The Bull

Birth Number : 1

Ruling Planet : Venus

Chinese Sign : Monkey

Type : Earth-Fixed-Negative

Surya Kundli – Manna Dey

manna dey suryakundli

Note : This is “Surya Kundli” based on the Sunrise time chart of the Celebrity’s Birth Location.

Yearly Report – Manna Dey

The year will witness you welcoming certain changes in your life. You shun all the inhibitions within and embrace others’ feelings with an open mind. In the due process, gradually, you will be distancing yourself from people you no longer relate to. You will be able to gain control over your emotions and win the confidence of loved ones if you try to understand what they want to say. The cosmos has cast a magical spell on you which lets you believe in your intuitive powers. In fact, this is a boon for you to go deep into the realms of the human mind and map your observations with existing perceptions. It is also a possibility that the chain of new events breathes a new life in you. Issues of family take precedence and you are seen donning the hat of a motivator,entertainer and a pivot around which all the activities are centred. The inner urge to be one with the family and the desire to provide them with all the wonderful ingredients of life enables you the buoyancy with which you carry yourself. Mutual admiration and respect will strengthen the societal bonds bringing happiness to life. The spirit of enjoying and losing yourself in the company of friends lets your shun that extra load of bizarre incidents which have been bothering you. In addition, you rekindle the sparks of romance yet again after a hiatus. Along with family members, you will be making efforts to create an ambience of harmony in order to make everyone happy. Your energy levels and enthusiasm will enliven the atmosphere at home. Except a few up and down the year will end with a memorable note.

The harbinger of change will bring with it opportunities and insight aplenty. Career will undergo a magnificent spell of transformations, which will keep you preoccupied. You will be able to achieve what was thought to be unachievable through dedication, and building a pool of effective intelligence which will lead to cumulative results. Completion of major projects in time will let you aim higher and gain recognition at work. The visionary in you will be busy with identifying the long-term goals. You will involve yourself in implementations of new concepts and ideas for your existing business. Financial matters surface in to the foreground as you take a look at your financial situation. In the process, you will try to adjust your lifestyle according to the permissible limit. Monetary gain is a probable outcome of your careful planning.

Biorhythm Report – Manna Dey

Biorhythm Report of Manna Dey

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