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Vinod Mehra's Astrological Details

Posted On: 3 Sep, 2011 में

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Vinod MehraCelebrity Details – Vinod Mehra

Real Name : Vinod Mehra

Nick Name : Vinod Mehra

Birth Date : 13 February 1945

Birth Place : Amritsar, India

Astrology Profile of Vinod Mehra

Sun Sign : Aquarius

Symbol : The Water-bearer

Birth Number : 13

Ruling Planet : The Uranus

Chinese Sign : Rooster

Type : Air-Fixed-Positive

Surya Kundli – Vinod Mehra

vinod mehra suryakundli

Note : This is “Surya Kundli” based on the Sunrise time chart of the Celebrity’s Birth Location.

साभार: गणेशास्पीक्स डॉट कॉम



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